Bob Neill is pictured with David Cameron, Angela Watkinson and William Hague at the Buckinghamshire retreat of Tory MPs.

Veteran broadcaster Brian Walden this afternoon wowed the Tory MPs gathered at Latimer House (see ConservativeHome’s first report here).  Mr Walden – a former Labour MP – told the MPs that Mr Cameron was the best opposition leader he had ever seen.  He was even better than Harold Wilson.  He predicted that Gordon Brown would fight a class-based campaign against the Tory leader.  It would be a mean-spirited attempt to paint Mr Cameron as an amateurish toff but it wouldn’t work.  Mr Walden advised the Tories to ridicule the Chancellor and his glass chin would soon shatter.

Mr Walden thought that a hung parliament was very likely and that a LibDem-Conservative coalition could emerge.  Mr Walden thinks that the Orange Book LibDems, in particular, may well enjoy power and could become reliable coalition partners.

During the afternoon session a BBC spokesperson, Sue English (?), was savaged for the bias of the Corporation’s presenters.

The MPs are eating at 8pm and their day starts again at 9.15 tomorrow.  Lord Strathclyde will talk about Lords reform.  Frank Luntz will talk about messaging and proceedings will then be closed with a presentation from William Hague.