BenchmarkingprojectcameronIntermittently, over the next few days – beginning in a few hours – ConservativeHome is launching an examination of the strengths and weaknesses of Project Cameron.  We will be assessing The Project according to six main tests:

1. The headline opinion polls. Is the Conservative Party on course for electoral victory?
2. The iron triangleHow is the party doing on the key tests of leader image, economic competence and party unity?
3. Party organisation. Is the party machine ready for battle?
4. Allies.  What level of support does the party enjoy in the media and amongst other influential groups of society.
5. Agenda. Does the party have the policies that will make it a government that is worth electing – and worth re-electing?
6. Externals.  How is the party responding to factors in other parties and how is it anticipating external events?

Have we got the right tests?