A fascinating post has just gone live on YouGov’s UK Polling Report blog.  YouGov – through their recently launched BrandIndex product – are polling every day on consumer perceptions of leading brands from Barclays Bank to Boots the Chemist to Coca Cola.  BrandIndex purports to be able to tell companies whether their brand is rising or falling in public esteem on a daily basis.  It gives corporate HQs a fast way of assessing consumer reactions to major market events, product launches or advertising campaigns, for example.

But more interestingly – as far as we political activists are concerned – the Brand Index surveys are also asking – again on a daily basis – about the ratings of individual politicians, party image and which politicians are most trusted with certain key issues.  UK Polling Report presents the three top findings from the recent data:

1. Triple Whammy Wednesday didn’t just hit Labour hard, Labour hasn’t recovered: "In April around 25% of people associated Labour with being competent, the figure has now settled at around 17%".  Conservatives must hope that Labour has gained a deserved reputation for incompetence – in the same way that the 1990s Tories gained a reputation for sleaze and selfishness – and that it will be difficult for Tony Blair or any successor to overcome.

2. David Cameron’s approval ratings are on the rise.  The Tory leader’s ratings were declining just before Triple Whammy Wednesday – suggesting that the glacier trip and other soft messages weren’t particularly effective.  Cameron’s ratings then rose again as he looked like a winner on May 4th.  They’ve kept rising since.

3. Ming Campbell has an approval rating of -23%.  The LibDem leader’s rating slid after sustained media criticism of his PMQs and other performances and haven’t recovered since the recent policy relaunches on crime and tax.  The only source of consolation for Britain’s third party, says UK Polling Report, is that "the proportion of people who don’t know what they think about [Ming’s] leadership – while declining – is still in the mid-40s, so there are plenty of people who haven’t mind their minds up yet."

Go to UK Polling Report for full graphs and more information on other top political figures and issues.   I wonder if we are on the brink of a new era in opinion polling.  YouGov are collecting this data on a daily basis and it would be perfectly possible for them to start publishing on a daily basis.  I don’t think we are far away from daily political polling and a revolution in the opinion survey industry.

I also note from UKPR that MORI had a new survey in yesterday’s Observer (which I missed).   It put Tories on 41% (unchanged from the Sun/MORI poll) and Labour on 34% (+3) and the LibDems on just 18%.  I’ll update ConservativeHome’s poll of polls in the morning.