ShadcabinetratingsThe latest results from the Members’ Panel for the top ten members of the shadow cabinet (other than David Cameron) will not make comfortable reading for Party Chairman Francis Maude.  For the first time in this series more Tory members are dissatisfied with a member of the shadow cabinet than are satisfied.  44% are satisfied with Francis Maude but 48% are dissatisfied.  Since January Francis Maude’s net rating has fallen by 32 points (from +28%).  The controversial A-list may be the main explanation.  David Davis is the only member of the shadow cabinet to have seen his rating rise since January (from +74% to +81%).  He has maintained the top spot that he wrestled from William Hague last month.

Gary Streeter MP has agreed to write a defence of Francis Maude’s Chairmanship and that will be appearing on ConservativeHome in the next few days.

Other results of the most recent survey: