The Times Higher Education Supplement has commissioned an ICM poll on party support amongst academics (requires subscription to view).
Thes_poll_3Support for the Conservatives in the notoriously left-wing profession has doubled since 2001 and almost halved for Labour in the same period. The LibDems are six points down on their 44% peak.

If this trend continues it could eventually have some knock-on effects to the student vote – which already had a 7% swing to the Conservatives in the first few months of Cameron’s leadership.

Boris Johnson, Shadow Higher Education spokesman (blog / fan site), said:

"This is fantastic news. I hope that it is part of an increasing trend as
academics realise that the Tories see the colossal value of universities to
our economy and also recognise that education is an end in itself."
The THES poll comes as lecturers are balloted by their unions on whether to accept the latest pay increase offer of 13.1%, and the LibDems (who won at least five parliamentary seats on the back of the campus vote) plan to review their policy on student fees.

Deputy Editor