After today’s poll from Populus (and an 8% Tory lead) a YouGov poll in tomorrow’s Telegraph will show that David Cameron’s Conservative Party has a 37% to 31% lead.  We’ll publish more on this tomorrow…

7.45am update on 10th May

Some highlights from The Telegraph/ YouGov poll:

  • 71% agree that last week’s reshuffle was "a shambles";
  • 61% think that John Prescott should have been sacked and 83% think it "outrageous" that he has kept his salary, residence and other perks following the loss of his departmental oversight;
  • 66% agree that Tony Blair was right to sack Charles Clarke;
  • 52% think worse of the Government because of the events of the last few weeks and 1% think better (who are those 1%!?);
  • 19% think better of the Tories because of recent events and 9% think worse;
  • The Tories are thought more united than divided by 44% to 27% whilst Labour is thought more divided than united by 83% to 6%.  Given the way that voters hate disunity this is one of this poll’s most important findings.

There are also more interesting findings from The Times’ Populus poll – the headline figure for which was revealed yesterday.  Click on the graphic to enlarge it.  Populus finds that Labour is thought to have done better than the Conservatives in only three of ten policy areas: tackling poverty; raising school standards and managing the economy well overall.  The biggest area of failure is "spending taxpayers’ money efficiently" where 48% against 14% think that Labour have done worse than the Tories.

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