LittleredbookTony Blair, in power for nine years today, should be worried when as formidable a pair as Iain Dale and Guido Fawkes get together.  The Dale-Fawkes alliance has been formed to produce The Little Red Book of New Labour Sleaze.

They want help in cataloguing 100 episodes of Labour sleaze in what they describe as "the first book ever written by internet bloggers".  Are you up to contributing no more than 400 words on the scandal of your choice by 7pm on Sunday 7th May?  I’ve already signed up to describe the tragic David Kelly affair.  If you can help please email

Just last week ConservativeHome mobilised its ChameleonArmy against the enemies of conservatism.  This new initiative is another exciting example of how the internet can help to forge a popular resistance to powerful establishments.

PS It’s not too late for someone to nominate Guido and Iain for one of the Conservative Movement Awards

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