David Cameron now enjoys a solid 5% lead in ConservativeHome’s poll of polls.  The increased advantage reflects the best showing for the Conservative Party in a Guardian/ ICM poll for 13 years.  David Cameron’s Conservative Party enjoys a 4% lead over Labour.  Party strategists will also be delighted that Tory policies on health, education and the economy enjoy more support from women than do Labour policies.

The poll is also disappointing for the LibDems.  Ming’s party is down 4% in the first ICM poll since the local elections.

This poll – if replicated at a General Election – still puts the Tories needing to form some sort of pact with the LibDems but the man who really should be worried from this poll is Gordon Brown.  Despite the fact that he is seen as more trustworthy than the Prime Minister, the Guardian survey reveals that, with Brown as leader, the Tory advantage would grow from 4% to 9%.  "This," notes Mike Smithson at, "is the tenth poll in a row from the three main pollsters where the Tories do better against Labour when the Cameron-Brown voting intention question is put." 

Postscript: With thanks to ‘Coffee Monster’, a regular ConservativeHome visitor, the Poll of Polls also incorporates the results of an early May MORI survey for the FT which had been overlooked previously.

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