The Sun has welcomed David Cameron’s commitment to "tear up [the] crazy human rights laws".  Mr Cameron’s intervention came after public fury at the news that nine Afghan airline hijackers would not be deported.  The news produced the classic Sun frontpage that tops this post.  Today’s Sun declared:

"The whole concept of “human rights” in Britain has become a travesty under which the interests of killers, rapists and paedophiles are placed above those of their victims.  Law abiding citizens must walk in fear while “human rights” give their assailants the freedom of the streets.  Convicted thugs and murderers are set free too soon after derisory sentences.  Yet what is prison for, but to keep those who wish us harm locked away?  It is absurd for judges to shelter Afghan terrorists who hijack an aircraft at gunpoint.  It is scandalous that a dangerous rapist is freed from prison to kill because his human rights had been infringed."

Mr Cameron told The Sun:

“In too many cases it has become close to impossible to deport foreign nationals that may pose a threat to the UK.  Being able to balance the danger they pose to the UK if they stay, with the danger to them if they are returned to their country of origin, is no longer possible.  It is wrong to undermine public safety by allowing the human rights of dangerous criminals to fly in the face of common sense.  The Government’s attitude has been complacent. It refuses to recognise that the problem is compounded by the interpretation of the European Convention and the passage of the Government’s own Human Rights Act.”

Without new "memorandums of understanding" that allow a different interpretation Mr Cameron vowed that Tories will "reform, replace or scrap the Human Rights Act.”

Editor’s note: "ConservativeHome has been very encouraged by this week’s policy announcements from the Tory leader.  His pledges on euthanasia (a free vote issue), the arms trade and his remarks on the sexualisation of children will have hugely encouraged the Tory Party’s social and religious conservatives.  Today’s announcement on the Human Rights Act – followed by earlier pledges on imprisonment and the appointment of a cabinet minister for homeland security – will reassure those who want to see the ‘go green’ messages set alongside tough lines on law and order.  The Conservative Party is a coalition and Mr Cameron is increasingly showing that he intends to keep it together."

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