Saturdayfrontpages_1Iain Dale and Guido Fawkes are doing great work highlighting Labour
sleaze with their Little Red Book but will it be Labour’s endless
incompetence that will be engraved on the tombstone of this government?

Yesterday’s newspapers were full of more stories of Labour incompetence.

The Mail highlighted overpayments to benefit claimants.  The Sun spotlighted the latest ‘Home Office lunancy’.

Here are some examples of incompetence that I most remember:

  1. 1,000 foreign prisoners are released without being considered for deportation
  2. 500 convicts released from mental hospitals
  3. Failure to pay single farm subsidies on time threatens farm bankruptcies
  4. Record spending on the NHS can’t prevent debt crisis and redundancies
  5. Sharp rise in tax credit fraud
  6. Ministry of Defence overspends
  7. Sex offenders in our schools
  8. IT projects that never work

As the first instalment of our ChameleonArmy programme, ConservativeHome will be launching a new website on Wednesday – dedicated to Labour incompetence.  What other incompetencies would you suggest that we highlight?

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