Sky News is reporting that Tony Blair’s meeting with Labour MPs went well.  There was lots of banging of parliamentary desks after Labour’s leader elaborated on his promise to ensure an orderly transition to his successor.  The elaboration consisted of a commitment to give his successor enough time to bed into the job of being PM before the next General Election.  Earlier in the day, at a news conference, a sweaty Mr Blair insisted that Gordon Brown was still his preferred successor.

One of the reasons Mr B’s encounter with Labour MPs "went well" was that no member of the left-wing Campaign Group of MPs was called to ask a question.  Perhaps the same New Labourites who silenced 82 year-old Walter Wolfgang at last year’s Labour conference were in charge of tonight’s proceedings?

Mr Blair may have secured a temporary easing of hostilities tonight but his premiership is slowly bleeding to death.  John Reid admitted earlier today that at least 150 foreign prisoners not considered for deportation had committed very serious offences – almost twice as many as originally admitted.  More revelations about John Prescott are in Fleet Street’s pipeline, Scotland Yard is still investigating loans-for-peerages and Labour MPs are not going to keep quiet when Tony Blair brings forward further public service reforms.  ConservativeHome predicts that plans for a new generation of nuclear power stations may be the straw that breaks the back… 

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