A public service announcement from Guido Fawkes:

"Three weeks ago as a fresh wave of New Labour sleaze washed up over the rotting body politic like yesterday’s sewage, Tony Blair again made another attempt to make out that it was not as bad as the bad old Tory days. But it is worse I thought. At least the Tories didn’t get up to hanky-panky on government premises, in government time at our expense with the taxpayer getting screwed as well as the semi-naked junior civil servant. Someone should really document it all so that the next time Tony claimed he was a "straight kinda guy" they would have the evidence to prove him wrong.

Intoxicated with that idea I emailed Iain Dale, knowing he had been keeping a close eye on developments and knows a thing or two about books. The next morning he replied with a publishing timetable. It was his idea to garner a chameleon army from the British political blogosphere into co-authoring it quickly to catch the zeitgeist. The book thus introduces a wealth of diverse new writers to the book reading public, as for most of our blogging co-authors this is the first time they have been in print on paper as opposed to pixels on screen.  The multiplicity of authors meant it could be produced in two weeks – meaning it will be in Waterstones this week.  An incredibly quick turnaround by Iain who has masterminded the production of this enterprise brilliantly.

We have calculated that New Labour over nine years has produced a scandal a month on average, with little time off for good behaviour, nevertheless within the pages we document everything; shady bungs from businessmen, lying lobbyists, ministers on the make, expenses fiddled and Loans for Lordships made. So next time Tony Blair stands up to say New Labour is "whiter than white", you can throw this little red book at him."

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