The BNP manifesto for the local elections promises zero tolerance of
anti-social behaviour but many of its candidates are guilty of the
worst kinds of anti-social behaviour.  Today’s Sun (pages 22&23 –
you’ll have to buy a copy because the investigation is not online)
exposes the unsavoury backgrounds of many of the men who want to be
councillors after this Thursday’s elections:

  • Alan Bailey standing in Romford “pleaded guilty to assault after a white man married to a black woman was kicked to the floor”.
  • Mick Treacy standing in Oldham has five convictions for offences including handling stolen goods and deception.
  • Kevin Scott, a candidate in Gateshead, has been convicted of assault and for racist abuse of a group of Asians.
  • Jason Douglas is a BNP candidate in Redbridge.  He has a conviction for soccer violence.

The Sun goes on to list the dark pasts of other leading lights of
the BNP.  Warren Bennett, security chief for the BNP, is, according to
The Sun, “a known soccer hooligan”.  The BNP’s ‘group development
officer’, Tony Lecomber, committed offences under the 1985 Explosives
Act including possession of home-made hand grenades.  In 1991 he was
sentenced for three years for his part in an attack on a Jewish
teacher.   Burnley BNP councillor Brian Turner was convicted only last
year of attacking his wife and a police officer.

‘The Sun Says’ column admits
that “Labour may well deserve a bloody nose in this week’s elections”
but, it continues: “inviting the hobnailed boot of the BNP to sort it
out would be like calling in Mafia protection gangs instead of police
when you are robbed.”

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