This morning, one year after Roger Helmer MEP was expelled from the Conservative Group in the European Parliament, ConservativeHome reprints this open letter to Timothy Kirkhope MEP, leader of the Tory MEPs, from Richard Hyslop, Chris Palmer and Andrew Woodman of the Reinstate Roger campaign:

"A year ago today, Roger Helmer, Conservative MEP and Member of the European Parliament for the East Midlands had the whip unfairly removed from him in the European Parliament. At the time, Roger was fulfilling the clear Conservative European Manifesto commitment on which he was elected, by fighting against possible corruption in the EU Commission as detailed in the last Reinstate Roger ConservativeHome piece here. However, despite a full year, and numerous letters from literally hundreds, if not thousands of Conservative party members to both Timothy Kirkhope MEP and the Conservative chief whip, the issue of Roger’s suspension has gone unresolved.

Since his suspension, Roger has continued to serve the people of Britain and the East Midlands to the best of his abilities – most notably when he unmasked Tony Blair during a well televised EU Parliamentary debate in December 2005, and exposed the Prime Minister for the ardent and passionate Europhile that he really is.

Not only has Roger show loyalty to the people of this country, but to both the Conservative party and its leader David Cameron too. Recently Roger Helmer commented, “I have been humbled by the overwhelming support I have received from Conservatives across the East Midlands, and up and down the country, since these events blew up last year. It is time for Conservative MEPs to put recent disagreements behind us and to close ranks behind David Cameron.” This is in direct comparison to behaviour from the likes of loose-cannons Caroline Jackson MEP, Edward McMillan-Scott MEP and Christopher Beazley MEP who have publicly criticised David Cameron, the party, and the pledge to leave the EPP, which only gives fuel to our enemies.

On the 3rd of March this year we (Chris Palmer, Richard Hyslop and
Andrew Woodman) created the Reinstate Roger Campaign and launched the website
. The creation and launch of the campaign was
done without the knowledge or involvement of Roger Helmer and began
with an exclusive article by Andrew Woodman on this site.

We gained an immediate and large response from readers, pledging their
support to our campaign and sending kind messages concerning Roger and
his situation. On the 15th of May, only a little over 2 months since
the launch, we reached our 500th Reinstate Roger campaign supporter.

Many of our supporters originate from the East Midlands; the people who
know, work or have met Roger, who know his unique qualities, talents,
enthusiasm and his willingness to work hard for the people whom he
represents. However, Roger’s immense popularity is not confined to one
area, but extends right across the nation with supporters throughout
the country emailing us or sending in signature petition forms. To date
we have over 500 named supporters, including notable figures such as
John Redwood MP, Ann Widdecombe MP and the Right Honourable Lord Tebbit
CH – and the Reinstate Roger Campaign continues to gather support every
day. For a full list of our campaign’s supporters, click here.

Today, on the anniversary of Roger Helmer’s suspension, we urge The
Conservative MEP leadership to reconsider the ongoing suspension of
Roger Helmer. Those with any common sense must conclude that the
current situation of an MEP, unsupported by his own party while still
desperately attempting to fulfil his election commitments, is highly
unjust and seemingly ludicrous. How can a party that is the champion of
freedom and fairness act in such a seemingly unfair way. Please, the
whip must be reinstated to Roger Helmer as soon as possible, for the
good of the party, and for the good of the country."

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