TaxcutterToday we begin seeking nominations for the final third of the twelve Inaugural Conservative Movement Awards and if Hollywood has its ‘message movies’ these are our ‘message awards’.

Tomorrow we’ll be seeking nominations for outstanding contribution to the environment, then patriot of the year and then social justice.  Taken with today’s Taxcutter award the four categories neatly underline the ‘politics of and‘.

Targeted tax relief
is a key belief of ConservativeHome.  Low tax economies tend to be high growth economies.  It is morally right that people are rewarded for hard work and initiative by keeping a lion’s share of their earnings.  And, as this incompetent Labour administration has shown, governments do not take good care of taxpayers’ money.

In this awards category we are looking for political or thought leaders who make the moral, intellectual and practical case for lower taxation.  We are also open to awarding Conservative or other councils who have limited the tax burden on local people.  Your nominations and citations should be posted on the thread below please.

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