ContributiontocultureIn the 1960s American conservatives decided to become dominant in politics.  At the same time the American left decided to become dominant in culture.  Both achieved their aims.  American conservatives currently have a majority in both Houses of Congress and they have the Presidency.  They almost have a majority on the Supreme Court following the recent appointments of Justices John Roberts and Samuel Alito.  But the left are dominant in culture.  Hollywood, for example, provides the political left with an MGM lion’s share of its funds.  Tinseltown is no longer home to the likes of Frank Capra, Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne and Ronald Reagan.

As Britain’s conservative movement develops we cannot afford to win the battle for Westminster but lose the battle of the playhouses, cinemas and television screens.  This award is one of the most important.  It is a reminder that conservatism must not become too political.  Who deserves to be recognised for a conservative contribution to culture?

  • A blogging critic of the BBC?
  • Michael Gove for his contributions to Newsnight’s Late Review?
  • Tim Sainsbury for his sponsorship of Christian art?

What do you think?