The US may have announced a major diplomatic initiative on Iran but that’s not the topic leading the news bulletins…

Earlier this evening – responding to the news that ‘John Croquet Prescott’ is giving up Dorneywood – Tory Chairman Francis Maude issued this statement:

"At last John Prescott has done the right thing. It is just a pity he has taken so long to do it.  But John Prescott’s absurd antics are ultimately not what matters to people – they are not really interested in what Minster moves in and out of what house.  What they are concerned about is the health service being run properly, tax credits being administered in the right way and having foreign prisoners deported. John Prescott is merely a symptom of a Government that is falling apart at the seams.”

Just interviewed on Newsnight, a more partisan Mr Maude admitted that it was in the interests of the Conservative Party for Mr Prescott to stay in post as long as possible.  Quite true.  Mr Prescott, Ms Hewitt and dear Sir Ming are probably the Conservative Party’s top allies at the moment.

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