LosinghereConservativeHome set Tory performance against the LibDems in yesterday’s elections as the principal test of progress.  A comprehensive bulletin
from CCHQ details all of the local election results and reveals that the Tories made 39 net gains from the LibDems.  This is only the beginning of what we need to achieve against the LibDems but it is real and very welcome progress.  Next week – in a series of features ConservativeHome will be focusing on the Lib-Con relationship – but, today, let’s just enjoy some of the highlights from the CCHQ bulletin:

  • "Winchester (CON gain from NOC): Conservatives have taken control of Winchester in savage blow for Liberal Democrat morale. Was a LD minority administration. Council was last Conservative in 1986. Liberal Democrat leader, Sheila Campbell, was one of seven losses for them.
  • Hillingdon (CON gain from NOC): Conservatives gained the Liberal Democrat group leader’s seat.
  • Islington (LD lose to NOC): Loss of their flagship administration.
  • Milton Keynes (LD lose to NOC): LibDem administration lost to NOC; Conservatives gained six seats.
  • Solihull (CON hold): Conservatives held this council despite heavy targeting by Liberal Democrats.
  • Lambeth (LAB gain from NOC): Rare Labour gain from LD minority administration.
  • Sutton (LD hold): The council remains Lib Dem, but Conservatives gained 14 seats.
  • Croydon (CON gain): Liberal Democrats wiped off the council.
  • Kingston (LD hold): Conservatives gain six seats.
  • West Oxfordshire (CON) hold: Conservatives won five seats in David Cameron’s constituency from the Liberal Democrats and two from Independents.
  • Brentwood (CON hold): Conservatives took a total of six seats from Liberal Democrats, removing their leader and deputy leader.
  • Wokingham (CON hold): Leader of Liberal Democrat group lost seat to Conservatives
  • Swindon (CON hold): Conservatives gained two seats from Liberal Democrats.
  • Bolton (NOC hold): Conservatives gained two seats from Liberal Democrats."

Toryradio_5 Footnote 1: ToryRadio has a local elections special with Jonathan Sheppard reporting from Bassetlaw (Tory gain).

Footnote 2: Join me at 8pm for a live blog of Any Questions?  Members of the panel will be Geoff Hoon, David Davis, Baroness Scott (LibDems) and Stephan Shakespeare of YouGov.

Footnote 3: The winner of the ConservativeHome mug competition will be announced at 1pm tomorrow.

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