Not so long ago – under this comment – Simon C was having a little fun at the expense of ConservativeHome’s ‘home’ logo.  Simon posted:

"(1) The first image shows a house with pollution clearly being emitted from the chimney. What sort of example is this? Can you tell us whether the fuel source is renewable or not? Why hasn’t it got a windmill on the roof?

2) The house is surrounded by wide-open space, with no other houses anywhere nearby. Does this mean that it was built in open countryside without approval from any planning authority? Or is it the first house in a new green-belt development?

3) Does the solitary location signify a tendency to isolationism? Or should we take comfort that the house is situated firmly in the centre-ground of the page?

4) The house is a Prescottian box, with no vernacular style or other acknowledgement of local architectural materials or tradition."

Writing in today’s FT, Jonathan Moules is also concerned about the environmental message of the party’s logo:

Tory_torch"If Mr Cameron wants to make symbolic gestures to the green movement, why has he not taken the simple step of changing his party’s flaming torch logo?  Surely that cauldron of fossil fuels cannot be right for a party that wants people to make less use of the internal combustion engine."

I, for one, have never liked the flaming torch emblem.  Could anyone recommend an alternative?

7pm update:

Keir has submitted the logo on the right (click to enlarge) as a replacement emblem for the party!

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