Yesterday ConservativeHome and Iain Dale reported what appeared to be an important ‘breaking-cover’ article on Lib-Connery by Ed Vaizey.  Ed is known as a leading Cameroon and when he starts talking about "a coalition to renew British politics" between Orange Book LibDems and Tories, a lot of interested eyebrows are raised.

On today’s Guardian Comment Is Free, EV has ‘clarified’ his position:

"I am not proposing any kind of formal coalition with the Liberals, but I can see a Conservative government working with some centre-right Lib Dem MPs. And Dale and Conservative Home are absolutely right to say we should oppose any deal that involved PR, and that the Lib Dems’ pro-Europeanism (again, certainly not shared by all their MPs) would be a huge stumbling block to future co-operation."

Everyone happy?

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