One of the main concerns that dogged David Cameron’s leadership bid was his liberal approach to drugs, frequently highlighted in relation to his alleged drug use at university. His views, as expressed on the Home Affairs Select Committee, include:

  • The UN should consider legalising drugs
  • Hard-core addicts should be provided with places to practice their habit
  • The state should prescribe heroin to addicts
  • Ecstasy should be downgraded from Class A
  • Radical options on Cannabis law should be considered

Visiting a drug users’ drop-in centre in London run by Turning Point, Cameron today left the option open of providing legal "drug consumption rooms" – such as those in Switzerland:

"I certainly wouldn’t rule them out because anything that helps get users off
the streets and in touch with agencies that can provide treatment is worth
looking at"

This coincides today with the publication of a report funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation which concluded that "well-designed and well-implemented drug consumption rooms
would have an impact on some of the serious drug-related problems
experienced in the UK".

What that impact would be in the long-term is open to debate – "harm-reduction" policies do often help alleviate extreme "individual harm" but have a habit of spreading "general harm" across more people.

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