In return for being sure of inheriting the Labour crown in 16 months’ time Gordon Brown is being asked to back Tony Blair’s reform programme.  That’s what today’s Sun reports:

"Tony Blair is offering Gordon Brown a dramatic peace deal over succeeding him as Prime Minister.  If sealed, the pact will see Mr Blair quit in just 16 months’ time.  He would step down at Labour’s annual rally in September 2007 after a decade in power.  But in return the Chancellor will have to give the PM total loyalty and support on pushing through a packed programme of reforms."

The Sun Says lists what that package of reforms may involve:

  • Foundation hospitals cemented in place
  • Education reforms passed
  • Longer detention for terror suspects
  • Full introduction of ID cards
  • Action against organised crime
  • New nuclear power plants
  • Scrapping "the welfare scam which puts 2.7million people on benefits for life".

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