June’s GQ
offers a choice of two front covers… There’s the one decorated by the
scantily clad Girls Aloud and then – the one chosen by ConservativeHome
– the one of Mister Ambition (our dear leader).  I bought my copy in
the Smiths at Waterloo and turned down the cashier’s offer of a
half-price, big bar of Galaxy chocolate.  Way past the feature on
guilt-free sex, Mr Cameron’s Q&A style interview feature begins on
page 210.  Editor Dylan Jones’ introduction is extraordinarily shallow
and then we get into a long Q&A session with questions posed by the
great and the good of GQ’s world.  The Q&A is summarised in twenty
points below…

MargaretthatcherTen things we learnt about David Cameron the politician….

  1. He most admires Margaret Thatcher of any living politician: “She
    did achieve a great change for our country from basic economic sickness
    and decline, to basic economic health.”
  2. “I believe that giving schools more freedom is a good thing.”
  3. “We should allow Muslim, Jewish and other faith schools within the state sector.”
  4. “I think the problem with decriminalisation [of drugs] is that you
    automatically make them more available and that creates problems.”
  5. On the smoking ban: “I opposed the ban.  I don’t like banning things.”
  6. “I support the freedom to hunt, I oppose the hunting ban, and I
    think it’s a bad example of bossy, interfering, big government, and it
    hasn’t worked; it’s made a mockery of the law.”
  7. On pulling troops out of Iraq: “It’s not right to publish a
    timetable because you then give the terrorists something to shoot at.”
  8. On taxing aviation fuel: “I don’t want to make air travel the preserve of the rich.”
  9. On his Black Wednesday experience: “There are two kinds of
    politicians when it comes to Black Wednesday: those that learned the
    lesson and say, “Never join the Euro, it’s a great mistake, don’t link
    your currency to others and give up control of your interest rates,”
    and those like Brown and Blair, who still haven’t learned and still
    think we should join.”
  10. On the And Theory: “There’s nothing that says you can’t be
    compassionate and tough on crime… I’m trying to show a balanced,
    conservative approach, and low taxation is part of that.”

Thom_yorkeTen things we learn about David Cameron the man…

  1. Thom Yorke has invited him to one of Radiohead’s summer concerts.
  2. Nicotine patches helped him give up smoking since he became Tory leader.
  3. He takes his tie off the moment he gets home.
  4. He voted for Will Young in Pop Idol.
  5. He’s only Googled himself once.
  6. He needs about six-and-a-half hours’ sleep per night.
  7. His favourite West Wing character is Josiah Bartlett – “I like the way he cuts through all the bull and does the right thing.”
  8. Although The Queen Is Dead is his favourite Smiths’ album he
    doesn’t associate himself with the title or agree with Morrissey on
  9. UB40’s I Got You Babe is his best karaoke song.
  10. He pleads guilty to drinking too much at university and falling over.

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