CameroneuthanasialetterIn the House of Lords today peers will debate Lord Joffe’s Assisted Dying Bill.  Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor and Archbishop Rowan Williams gave a joint interview on this morning’s Today programme to underline their objections to assisted dying.  With the Chief Rabbi, Sir Jonathan Sacks, they have also written to The Times, warning that "any change in the law would irrevocably change the delicate relationship of trust between patient and doctor and between citizen and society."

On the right is a letter from David Cameron stating his personal opposition to "any Bill legalising euthanasia or assisted dying".  Mr Cameron writes of his fears that "if assisted dying is legalised, terminally ill people may feel pressurised into ending their lives if they feel they have become a burden on loved ones". 

Mr Cameron has made it clear that this will not be a whipped issue and Conservative parliamentarians will be entitled to a free vote as they are allowed on other issues of conscience.

Earlier this week ConservativeHome discussed an opinion poll that found that two out of three people fear that Joffe’s bill could put vulnerable patients under unnecessary pressure. 

On YourPlatform today, Alex Deane, former Chief of Staff to David Cameron, makes the case against euthanasia.

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