With David Cameron at 37% to 38% in the opinion polls, CCHQ has chosen a good time to launch a funding drive across the whole party membership.

My invitation to give arrived in this morning’s post.  The fundraising letter is posted on the right (click the graphic to enlarge it).

The heart of the appeal begins at paragraph three and all of the ‘core vote‘ buttons are quickly pushed.  There is talk of…

"Labour have given new powers to the European Union"

"They have created Regional Assemblies which noone wants."

"Highest tax burden in British history."

"Huge damage on our pensions system."

"Foreign criminals… released onto Britain’s streets rather than being considered for deportation."

Later on there are references to "a sustainable environment" and candidates "representative of modern Britain" but the letter is primarily negative and designed to get Tory activists to open their chequebooks.

I’ll send off a small cheque but it won’t be big enough to get me into one of the donor clubs that the mailing also advertises (image on right):

  • A £2,000 annual fee will get you membership of ‘team 2 thousand’ – "a lively programme of drinks receptions, dinner and discussion groups" with the Leader and Shadow Cabinet.
  • Also for £2,000 you can join The Entrepreneurs Forum.  The Forum meets in London’s West End and in the City with leading industrialists and prominent City figures "to expose Labour’s red tape, bureaucracy and excessive taxation".
  • "Key players within the property industry" can become part of Lord Young’s Property Forum for £5,000 and can then discuss property issues over breakfast.
  • The Front Bench Club passports you into ‘team 2 thousand’ events but the £5,000 membership fee also provides "the opportunity to meet and debate with Shadow Cabinet Ministers at a series of private political lunches and receptions".