BeckspartyThe Beckhams are famous for their lavish parties and, tonight, thanks to an invitation from Rebekah Wade, Editor of The Sun, David and Samantha Cameron
have got tickets to the England captain’s World Cup Party at ‘Beckingham Palace’.  Today’s Independent on Sunday spotlights some of the party’s 350 guests and wonders what David Cameron might be able to learn from them:

  • THE BECKHAMS: David can show how the right wing can occupy the centre. Posh could buy bags from Samantha.
  • WILL YOUNG: Advice on how to win the gay vote and how to be popular despite being posh.
  • JEREMY CLARKSON: Could get the motoring lobby onside and might offer to follow Dave’s bicycle.
  • ROBBIE WILLIAMS: Can give lessons on leaving a fading group and becoming a star in your own right.
  • DJ SPOONY: The Radio 1 favourite could teach Dave a bit about the art of spin.
  • WAYNE AND COLLEEN: Their credit cards could help build bridges with Liverpudlians.

There’s more of the same here.

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