ConservativeHome has learnt that all Tory MEPs have been given regional
passports to parliamentary seats.  At least three MEPs – Martin
Callanan, Chris Heaton-Harris and Syed Kamall – are on the full A-list and can apply for any seat but all sitting MEPs can apply for seats within the Euro-regions they represent.

Conservative Associations may be reluctant to appoint MEPs from outside
of their regions as such MEPs will then have divided loyalties but MEPs
from the same region could offer powerful advantages.  Already employed
to represent the locality (and armed with handsome Brussels
allowances) they could be effective champions of local concerns in the
media as well as in the European Parliament.

The frontpage contains newslinks to profiles of A-listers Louise Bagshawe and Adam Rickitt plus Iain Dale’s reflections on not being on the list.

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