ConservativeHome has always been at the cutting edge of modern technology and
it is dedicated to the ruthless pursuit of both knowledge and innovative excellence.
This week, therefore, instead of reviewing such old-fashioned 20th Century
media as films, we decided to ask the four party leaders what’s on their iPod.

After we convinced them
we didn’t really believe they listen only to Jonathan Sheppard‘s Tory Radio and
Iain Dale, they gave us the following answers.


1. Last Night I Dreamt
That Somebody Loved Me – The Smiths

2. What Have I Done To
Deserve This? – Pet Shop Boys with Dusty
3. Stuck In The Middle
With You – Gerry Rafferty

4. I’m A Changin’ Man –
Paul Weller

5. I Want To Be Elected
Alice Cooper

6. You Aint Seen
Nothing Yet – Bachman Turner Overdrive


1. Gordon Is A MoronJilted John
2. Don’t It Make Your
Brown Eyes Blue? – Crystal Gayle

3. To The End – Blur
4. Stayin’ Alive – The
Bee Gees

5. I Will Survive – Gloria

6. The Final Countdown


1. So Tired, Tired Of
Waiting – The Kinks

2. This Town Ain’t Big
Enough For The Both Of Us –
3. Tell Me Lies, Tell
Me Sweet Little Lies – Fleetwood Mac

4. You Spin Me Right
Round – Dead Or Alive

5. Money, Money, Money

6. I’m The Taxman – The


Sir Ming told us:

"I don’t
actually have an i-Pod, because I find it difficult to work those little buttons
with my fingers these days, but Lady Elspeth and I like to retire to the
withdrawing room of an evening and listen to my collection of 78s on the
gramophone, assuming that nice Mr Clegg can spare the time to wind it up for
us.  We enjoy fresh young talent from the hit parade like Donald, Where’s
Your Troosers?, Stop Yer Ticklin’, Jock and ….

[At this point some
gentlemen in white coats arrived to take Sir Ming away for his afternoon nap
and he was unable to complete the interview.]

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