UKIP are sending some sort of tank up to Manchester today to park on the ‘Tory lawn’.  The media stunt is meant to underline the right-wing party’s bid to colonise Tory turf on such traditional issues as public service reform and tax.  UKIP are rebranding themselves as ‘Independence’ with policies on greater independence for schools, hospitals and councils.

Confirming the oxygen of publicity that David Cameron’s ‘fruitcake attack‘ has given UKIP, Nigel Farage MEP was on this morning’s Today programme underlining this attempt to steal Tory votes.  After New Labour voters won’t want "blue Labour", Farage insisted.  UKIP will give voters a real alternative, he promised.

A little more oxygen was given to UKIP yesterday by Francis Maude.  The Tory chairman told the Today programme that UKIP "is a bit of a party that just wants to turn the clock back, that doesn’t like the fact that Britain is a multiracial country, a multifaith country, would like to return to a world where Britain is all-white and Europe didn’t exist — well, that’s not the real world.”

UKIP have reacted petulantly by promising to target Tory seats at the next General Election.  They will not be able to take legal action "because it would have to prove damages while, on the contrary, the party had benefited from the Conservative leader’s outburst," a party spokesman told The Times.

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