Howgreenarewe_1David Cameron may persuade a few Tories to pick up some litter and avoid overfilling their kettles but he faces an uphill struggle convincing them of higher taxation of motoring.  A Populus survey for The Times finds that Conservative voters oppose ‘increasing the cost of motoring to encourage less driving’ by 65% to 33%.  There is a Prodi-thin majority (50% to 49%) for ‘new taxes on air travel to reduce the number of flights’ amongst Tory supporters but 18-24 year-olds are opposed to this measure by 57% to 43%.  It appears that wristband environmentalism is not so popular when it means gap year travel gets a bit more pricey.

Murray_iain_2 Moving on from green taxation for a moment and returning to cosmetic environmentalism David Cameron’s trip to a glacier in Norwegian islands of Svalbard has come under attack from two sources.  Iain Murray (a regular YourPlatform contributor) has noted that "a 2003 journal article by Isaksson et al confirmed that while the 20th century is the warmest in Svalbard history for the past 600 years, the warmest decade was the 1930s."  "Whoever told Mr Cameron that this glacier is "a poster child for global warming… should be sacked," concludes Mr Murray.  The prolific ConservativeHome contributor ‘Chad’ makes, for me, a more telling comment in response to the Hague-Mitchell article on YourPlatform about Darfur:

"Although I agree that David Cameron should have been in the UK helping with the local elections instead of flying off for a foreign photo shoot, if he did have to go somewhere at this particular time, would not Darfur have been the place and cause to highlight rather than the superficial choice of a Norwegian glacier?"