Michael Portillo thinks that the Dave-The-Chameleon broadcasts further undermined Tony Blair’s moral authority and kept David Cameron – "the green pimpernel" – in the headlines.  This idea that Labour’s ad campaign has backfired has some substantiation from a BPIX poll in the Mail on Sunday (not online).  Just 1 in 20 voters thought that Labour’s local election broadcast would make them less likely to vote Tory.  1 in 7 said that it would make them more likely to put their cross next to the Conservatives.

The MoS went on to ask what animal BPIX’s panel members associated with
other leading politicians.  Labour’s politicians didn’t do well…


A snake was the top choice of animal for Tony Blair (from 1 in 4 respondents);

  • 4 in 10 likened John Prescott to a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig (although this might change if the Deputy PM sticks at his new three-times-a-week gym routine);
  • Gordon Brown reminds people of a bear;
  • Ming Campbell is likened to a tortoise;
  • George W Bush to a chimpanzee;
  • Margaret Thatcher to a tiger;
  • The same number likened David Cameron to a labrador as a chameleon.

48 hours after we learnt that Mrs Blair presented Labour with a £7,700 bill for hairstyling, one-third of the panel identified the Prime Minister’s wife with a leech.  The Mail on Sunday also reports that 1 in 6 regarded her as a cat: "Presumably the one that got the cream".  Given that it’s St George’s Day, I’m surprised there weren’t more takers for the dragon.