Whatever you may think of IDS and William Hague, they never embarassed the party with their hairdressing bills.  Today’s news that Cherie Blair billed Labour £7,700 for managing her hair during last year’s General Election won’t endear Britain’s self-styled first lady to an already suspicious general public.

Mrs Blair is not, of course, the first political haircut to have provoked media attention.  Andrew Pierce, in The Times, lists four others:

  • "Bill Clinton got a haircut while Air Force One was parked at Los Angeles Airport in 1993, blocking three runways and delaying flights for two hours
  • In 2002 Gerhard Schröder won a court injunction to stop news reports about his hair
  • John Prescott used his official car to travel 250m to the Labour conference in 1999 saying “my wife does not like to have her hair blown about”
  • Silvio Berlusconi had a hair transplant before the Italian election"