Whilst Iain Dale was live blogging his old boss on Question Time I was watching Newsnight…

Newsnight had teamed up with the Daily Mirror to show what happened after David Cameron leaves his home at the start of his eco-friendly bike ride (Picture 1) to Parliament…

Picture 2 shows Mr Cameron’s Government Car Service driver arriving a few minutes later to collect the Tory leader’s clean shirt, shoes and box full of papers.

Picture 3 shows Mr Cameron’s driver putting the blue box of papers into the back of the environmentally-friendly Lexus.

On a more serious note Ming Campbell has written to David Cameron encouraging him to accept five principles to underpin a cross-party approach to the environment:

  • "Green taxes should be used to change behaviour
  • Green taxes – including excise duty on fuel – should not fall in real terms from year to year
  • There should be a substantial increase in the top rate of Vehicle Excise Duty
  • The climate change levy should be reformed into a universal carbon tax – including household emissions as well as business emissions
  • Air passenger duty should be restructured as a tax on aircraft emissions, not passengers."

My guess is that David Cameron won’t reject Ming Campbell’s letter out of hand.  The Conservative leadership looks at the political landscape and is
delighted at the crises engulfing Labour.  What it cannot see is the
LibDems losing seats on the scale that would be necessary for
the Tories to form a majority of one. As I’m quoted as saying in this week’s Spectator, Team Cameron appears very keen to build good relations with the Liberal Democrats and the environment is at the heart of that coalition-friendly tactic.