Starting tomorrow – with the Best Writer of the Year award category – ConservativeHome will be seeking your nominations for the Inaugural Conservative Movement Awards.  After much discussion on this blog (here and here) there will be twelve award categories for readers to decide…

  1. Best Writer
  2. Outstanding Parliamentarian
  3. National Campaign
  4. Local Heroism
  5. One-To-Watch
  6. Unlikely Ally
  7. New Technology
  8. Contribution to Culture
  9. Taxcutter
  10. Environmental
  11. Patriot
  12. Compassionate Conservative

In addition the Editor of ConservativeHome will award an international conservative and a lifetime achiever.

The Awards seek to balance recognition of (1) outstanding
performance in certain fields like parliamentary debate, written
argument and creative use of technology with (2) encouragement of
individuals and groups who reduce the tax burden and stand up for
Britain’s national interests (core vote territory) or who advance a more compassionate or environmentally friendly conservatism (broader conservatism).

In this ‘nominations and citations phase’ readers of
ConservativeHome will be encouraged to nominate individuals and
organisations for awards and draft supporting citations of no more than
thirty words.  In the next phase participants in the ConservativeHome
Members’ Panel will choose between three nominations in each of the
twelve categories.  A panel of judges will meet in three weeks’ time to
choose between the nominations made on this blog.  The fun begins
tomorrow morning…