Jonathan Sheppard’s latest ToryRadio interview is online – with Roger Helmer MEP and Andrew Woodman of the Reinstate Roger campaign.

It’s a fascinating interview – not least for its insight into the benefits that Roger has been able to enjoy since he was expelled from the Tory/ EPP group in the European Parliament – expelled for exposing corruption in the Brussels bureaucracy!  Those benefits include money for Eurosceptic leafletting and the fact that Mr Helmer can regularly be called to speak in the Parliament – ahead of all other Tory MEPs who remain submerged within the EPP.  He famously did this to Tony Blair’s annoyance last December.

Roger Helmer also uses the interview to attack the way Tory MEP Christopher Beazley has hidden his Europhile credentials from rank-and-file Tory members.  Just last week Mr Beazley wrote to The Times – with a Labour and LibDem MEP – making the case for greater European integration.

Mr Helmer is one of a number of the party’s excellent representatives in the EP (albeit RH is currently semi-detached from the group).  Another excellent MEP – Daniel Hannan – has reflected on how state funding of European political parties has encouraged stultification of debate for today’s Telegraph.  It’s well worth reading.