Awards_5Thanks for all of yesterday’s comments about ConservativeHome’s Inaugural Conservative Movement Awards.  Listed below are my revised suggestions for the Award categories:

‘Local Hero Award’ – I think we should
stick with this category.  Although it might be used to recognise a
good Tory councillor – as first suggested by Richard Bailey – there
should be room to nominate an excellent, non-partisan local campaigner
or a more independent organisation.

‘Blogger Award’ – we’ll keep this award, too, as the whole idea of insurgent blogging is close to ConservativeHome’s heart!

‘Use Of New Technology Award’ – this could cover a clever viral email campaign or an innovative website.  Thank you, Jules, for underlining the importance of this type of award.

‘Best Writing Award’ – this, as widely suggested by Andrew Woodman and others, merges my initial suggestion of separate awards for a columnist and author.

‘Unlikely Ally Award’ – I don’t think the name of this is quite right but I like Peter Franklin’s idea that we should reward people who are clearly outside of the big ‘C’ Conservative fold.

‘Cultural Award’ – the title of this one isn’t quite right either but Stephen B’s suggestion of a cultural focus is important.  ConservativeHomers’ interest in movies etc was illustrated in a recent thread on right-wing plays.  This Award replaces the more bland idea of a ‘broadcast category’.

‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ – Thank you, Geoff, for that one.  This category, Carolyn, might provide the opportunity to reward those "unsung heroes" who have given much of their lives to causes like the Conservative Party.  This will neatly balance the ‘One To Watch Award’.  This partly
reflects Matthew Sinclair’s observation that newstart blogs should,
perhaps, be awarded separately from established blogs that might
attract more votes.  A ‘One To Watch’ category would cover more
possibilities than blogs, however.

The ‘Wooden Spoon’ award has been dropped by popular demand!  The international award will also go as we’re in danger of too many awards and it would be perfectly possible for an international group or person to win under one of the general categories.  I liked the idea of rewarding "Conversions", "Boomerangs", "Blue Sky Thinking", "Tax-Cutting" or "Courage Under Fire" but the awards ceremony can’t go on all night!  We’ll keep my initial ideas of awards for ‘Campaigner of the Year’ and ‘Parliamentarian of the Year’ – which take the total number of awards to ten – unless you use this thread to persuade me otherwise…