OlonchildpovertyJust before Christmas Oliver Letwin’s remarks on redistribution were ‘flamed’ by ConservativeHomers (or should that be ConservativeHomies?).  I fear target-sceptics may react similarly to today’s Oliver Letwin article in The Guardian that "David Cameron’s Conservatives" "are committed to the government target of ending child poverty by 2020".

A CCHQ insider tells me that the pledge was given to last Sunday’s News of the World but they chose not to report it and went with Cameron’s prisons pledge instead.

Prison is, of course, where too many children ‘in poverty’ end up.  Tackling child poverty shouldn’t just be a moral priority for Conservatives but it is in the interests of taxpayers worried about overflowing jails and about long-term benefit dependency.

Oliver Letwin uses his Guardian article to make it clear that Conservatives won’t tackle child poverty in the same "one-dimensional" that has failed Gordon Brown.  "It can’t be solved by money alone," the Tory policy chief writes:

"It is a problem of demoralised neighbourhoods, of broken families, of drug and alcohol dependency, of poor schooling, of poor housing and decrepit estates, of unemployment and unemployability, of children growing up with too little hope and too much fear."

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