Over the next twelve days ConservativeHome will be seeking your nominations and citations for twelve award categories.  These categories (listed yesterday) are part of the Inaugural Conservative Movement AwardsThe conservative movement is defined in a new briefing on the ten points blog.

The award nominations open today with a search for the Best Writer.  We’ll be seeking nominations for Outstanding Parliamentarian tomorrow.

Please use the space below to make your nomination and write a brief citation of no more than thirty words on who you think should win the best writing award.  It might be a columnist, an author, a speechwriter or even a blog which hosts a group of writers.

ConservativeHome is barred from being nominated for any of its own awards so the example below illustrates what we are seeking in the thread below…


Citation: For providing an insightful daily commentary on the Conservative Party’s personalities, tactics and strategy and for reminding conservatives that conservatism is bigger than the Tory party.

A judging panel (to be announced) will then choose three nominations from each of the twelve categories and participants in May’s ConservativeHome Members’ Panel will vote on each category.  The awards will be presented at an awards ceremony in London, in June.