In today’s interview with, the invisible LibDem leader equates being
right-wing with being unpleasant:

"Asked by how the Liberal Democrats could distinguish themselves
from Cameron’s party, Sir Menzies said: "As an occasional Presbyterian
I know that ‘by thee works thou shall no them’ is true. It’s not what people say that matters it is what they do and how they vote. Who drafted the Conservative manifesto of 2005? It was David Cameron. And most people consider it to be one of the most right-wing,
unpleasant documents since 1945 and I don’t think party has really
changed. At its core it is still right-wing and unpleasant."

Anyone involved in local politics will have a different idea about who "the unpleasant party" really is. He of course didn’t mention his party’s election handbook endorsing the giving out of sweets to children as bribery for leafletting.  LibDem MPs are denying they have used "the Freitag Method".

In a more reasonable tone, he goes on to say that this government has "squeezed the boundaries out of politics", and that Cameron is merely offering a change of management:

difference which we can provide is that we are values and principles
based and the task of the leadership now is to make sure those values
have contemporary relevance. Not that the values have changed, or been abandoned or diluted but
that these timeless values, that have certainly stood the test of time
and critical judgement, that these values are given contemporary

Menzies has his work cut out for him to align chameleon LibDem policies to one coherent set of values.

9.30am update: It didn’t take long for another example to come along!

"The Scottish Executive was accused of orchestrating
the removal yesterday of SNP and Tory by-election fliers from
lamp-posts bordering the A96 in Moray – just hours ahead of a visit by
one of its ministers.
Workers from trunk roads agency Bear used ladders and
a cherry-picker to cut down dozens of fliers which had been attached to
lampposts over the past few days.
The fliers were taken down on the day that Transport
Minister Tavish Scott visited Elgin – a fact not lost on SNP candidate
Richard Lochhead. Mr Lochhead suggested it was suspiciously
coincidental that the fliers were all removed just before Lib Dem MSP
Mr Scott arrived in town."

Deputy Editor