Painting the walls of a few Manchester homes is not to be the end of the Conservative activist’s commitment to social action.Bethechange
As activists left the conference hall, after David Cameron’s speech, they were handed a wavenetwork leaflet entitled ‘be the change’.  Within the leaflet David Cameron encouraged activists to recognise that "personal action is the most powerful way to bring about change".  Ten changes "to change your world and environment" were recommended to Tory activists:

  1. Take the bus when you can
  2. Get to know your neighbours better
  3. Pick up one piece of litter from the street everyday
  4. Re-use your plastic bags when you go to the shops
  5. Switch to energy efficiency light bulbs at home
  6. Reduce your thermostat by 2 degrees
  7. Support your local shopkeepers
  8. Don’t overfill your kettle
  9. Fill out a donor card
  10. Give blood.

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00.30am addition on Monday morning: Download be_the_change.pdf.