Populus_2A Populus survey for this morning’s Times confirms the pattern of recent polls that point to a modest slippage in support for the Tories.  The main two parties were level-pegging at 35% each in Populus’ March survey.  Labour has now opened up a 2% lead.  The ConservativeHome Poll of Polls  now puts Labour up by 1.4%.  This finding comes a few days before Mr Cameron makes his first big speech to Tory activists since becoming leader – to the Party Spring Forum on Saturday in Manchester (from where ConservativeHome will be liveblogging).

Populus also offer some interesting findings on political funding:

  • 79% support a limit on the amount of money an individual, company or union can give to a political party;
  • State funding of political parties is opposed by 53% to 43% of voters;
  • 54% to 42% support tax relief on "relatively small individual donations".

Messrs Blair and Cameron should reflect on these findings as they meet today to discuss a way forward on political funding.