As part of David Cameron’s ‘vote green, go blue‘ strategy CCHQ has invited green voters to create their ‘personal political broadcasts’ on how they would improve their local environments.  Labour have chosen a mix of humour and negativity for their own local election broadcasts.

TvdebutAt a website entitled you can watch Labour’s attempt to portray the Tory leader as a flip-flopper.  You can download the video on to your iPod.  The video includes subtle and not-so-subtle reminders of David Cameron’s Etonian schooldays, his time in PR and his connections with the Major years and the ERM fiasco.  The Tory leader is painted as an opportunist – simultaneously presenting himself as a core Conservative, the heir to Blair and a liberal Conservative.  The Tory leader, it is alleged, has even changed his name from David to Dave in order to get some street cred. The Cameron critics on ConservativeHome will undoubtedly nod their heads through the video until its final message that Cameron is, at the end of the day, a true and unreconstructed Tory!

After initial strategic uncertainty, we have known for a while that Labour have settled on the ‘Cameron is trivial and opportunistic‘ line of attack.  Guido thinks the Labour party have made a mistake:

"Dave wants to emphasise that the Tories have changed, Labour are pushing the message for him… Advertisers always like to keep the message simple – the New Tory message is "we have changed". The details are irrelevant to most voters. Daz does not advertise Persil’s new formula, why is New Labour advertising New Tory policy changes?"

Other voters won’t like Labour’s negative campaigning either.   The voiceover at the end of the video suggests that there are going to be more instalments of ‘Dave the Chameleon’.  Can’t Gordon and Tony agree on any positive messages for the electorate?