David Cameron and Eric Pickles will do a live webcast from the conference at 1.15pm. You can still submit questions to

Cameron is also interviewed by The Times on the first day of his first Spring Forum as leader:

  • "Trade union funding is a hangover from the corporatist past. It’s
    profoundly unhealthy and I’m offering a solution to Tony Blair and
    Gordon Brown: a cap on donations applying to everybody
    and modest state funding that can help you break that unhealthy link
    with unions and help you to be a genuinely socially democratic party."
  • “Being in opposition is a pretty miserable existence. All you can do is
    try and behave in the way you would if you were in government.”
  • “The climate change levy is just a tax on energy. It’s not a charge on
    carbon. We’ll be setting out exactly how we would change it soon.”
  • “All politicians look at the polls. They’re dishonest if they say they
    don’t. But what really matters is what lies underneath. People want to
    know if we share their values, understand what their needs are."

There has been some debate surrounding two interviews with Francis Maude about whether the tone of the weekend should be optimistic, realistic, or both – see today’s newslinks.

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9.30am – Francis Maude opens Spring Forum 2006

10.30am – Shadow Cabinet ministers discuss issues facing Britain’s cities

11.15am – David Cameron hosts discussion with community leaders entitled Changing Our Cities

12.15pm – George Osborne speaks on how a strong and stable economy is essential for vibrant communities

3.30pm – William Hague and Lord Heseltine speak
on City Revival. The former Deputy Prime Minister is to call for
rejuvenation of the cities and elected council leaders

4.00pm – Delegates and Shadow Cabinet members,
including Mr Cameron, depart to help out at community projects. Mr
Maude leads conference attenders into key wards to campaign for
Conservative candidates standing in the local elections


9.30am – Mr Maude opens second day of conference

9.35am – New members and new candidates presented to conference

10.00am – Panel discussion hosted by Oliver Letwin on party statement of aims and values

11.00am – Financial appeal

11.20am – Keynote speech by Mr Cameron

12.00pm – Conference ends

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