10 Downing Street has announced the names of 23 new members of the House of Lords.  Top names include David Trimble as an Ulster Unionist peer and Bill Morris, former T&GWU leader, for Labour.

None of the Labour peers gave money to the party, Radio 4 is reporting.  Labour’s big donors who were nominated either had their applications blocked or withdrew from the approval process (see the FT).

The new Tory life peers are:

  1. Sandip Verma, former Tory parliamentary candidate.
  2. David James, who oversaw Michael Howard’s cost-cutting review of government spending.
  3. Sir Sandy Bruce-Lockhart, Chairman of the Local Government Association and the author of the poverty-fighting Supporting Independence project when he was leader of Kent County Council.
  4. Jonathan Marland, Tory Treasurer.
  5. Mohamed Sheikh, chairman, Conservative Muslim Forum.
  6. John Taylor, former President of the Party’s National Union.
  7. Rodney Leach, a leading supporter of the No Campaign.

A full list of peers for each party has been published by

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