Litter_2The Conservatives are now concentrating on environmental crime as part of the Vote Blue, Go Green campaign:

"Going green is not just about rising to the great global challenges of climate change and reducing pollution. It also involves taking effective local action to reduce vandalism, graffiti, and the low-level crime and anti-social behaviour which blight our communities."

Targeted Government failures on this include:

  • More abandoned/burnt-out cars: The number of burnt-out cars soared by a third, from 1997 to 2004
  • Rising criminal damage & vandalism: Reported instances of criminal damage have risen by 35 per cent, from 1999 to 2005
  • More fly-tipping: There has been a 43 per cent increase in fly-tipping since 2001
  • Dirtier streets: 79 per cent of people think that Britain’s streets are dirty

The party has published a 13 page pdf detailing how innovative Conservative councils have tackled environmental crime. This might be seen as a credible way of approaching environmental issues, as the Conservatives are consistently seen as strong on crime.

Tonight’s Party Political Broadcast can be viewed via Conservative TV. The first two thirds is comprised of street interviews with people on environmental issues, with Cameron coming in at the end with a positive message.

Deputy Editor