Although yesterday’s Mail on Sunday/ BPIX poll found that Labour’s Chameleon advertisement had backfired on Labour there is no sign of retreat from the spinmeisters of Millbank.  Distributed to journalists and politicians today was a postcard mocking David Cameron’s Norway trip.  Click on the image on the right to enlarge the scan of it.

It’s not just BPIX that think the ad backfired – most visitors to this site agreed (even though some of the most enthusiastic bloggers are Cameron-sceptics).  On, Mike Smithson thinks that the Labour tacticians have made a mistake.  Noting the difficulty that oppositions parties face in winning any publicity, he writes:

"The old adage of never mentioning your opponent’s name should should prevail.  Labour should continue with the strategy that has worked for a decade – just keep on demonising the Conservatives without ever mentioning Cameron."

Labour’s next chameleon party political broadcast airs on Thursday.  Before then – at 3pm on Wednesday – will be launching the  Be sure to visit then…