The Guardian: "The UK Independence party today demanded an apology from David Cameron after he described them as "fruitcakes", "loonies" and "closet racists".  The Tory party leader’s remarks came after Ukip threatened to use the Freedom of Information Act to force him to reveal the names of individuals who have secretly lent money to the Conservative party.  "Ukip is sort of a bunch of … fruitcakes and loonies and closet racists mostly," Mr Cameron told LBC radio.  Nigel Farage MEP, Ukip’s co-founder, described the remarks as "disgraceful. We demand an apology".  "We don’t mind name-calling, it’s politics, but in this day and age there are things you can’t call people and racist is one of them," he said. He demanded to know "where and when" Mr Cameron was accusing the party of racism."

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