An article in today’s Guardian by Gavyn Davies argues that David Cameron has had a significant impact on the Conservative Party’s poll rating – breaking the flatlining trend.  More good news for the Tory leader came on last night’s Newsnight.  US pollster Frank Luntz held a focus group of floating voters and David Cameron came out very well.  "Honest"…  "Committed"…  "With Ideals"… were just some of the things the floating voters said.  One member of the focus group was impressed with the way David Cameron had had experience of the NHS because of his disabled son, Ivan.  Another member, a former Labour voter, said that a vote for Cameron was worth a chance – "it couldn’t get worse".

There was also a very negative reaction to Tony Blair and Ming Campbell.  Gordon Brown did better but not as well as the Tory leader.

Frank Luntz famously focus-grouped floating voters for Newsnight on the Monday night of last year’s Tory conference.  David Cameron did much better than David Davis in that test and it helped drive the momentum towards his eventual victory.

The second instalment of Luntz’s focus group is broadcast tonight.  You can still watch ‘part one’ on the internet until tonight’s programme goes out at 10.30pm.