David Cameron demonstrated his energetic commitment to the looming local elections yesterday with multiple interventions on the broadcast airwaves yesterday…

  • He was defending his decision to choose a Lexus instead of a Prius (because of the size of his entourage and the need to avoid, therefore, using two cars)…
  • …attacking Patricia Hewitt’s claim that the NHS was enjoying its best year ever (‘what planet is she on?’, the Tory leader asked)…
  • …and calling for voters to support any party other than the British National Party.

"I hope nobody votes for the BNP. I would rather people voted for any other party," Mr Cameron told Sky News.  David Davis, Shadow Home Secretary, will be visiting Barking today in a bid to face down the BNP threat there.

A second instalment of YouGov’s latest poll for The Daily Telegraph suggests that 6% of respondents would like to see the BNP running their local council.  The Tories and Labour both had the support of 19% of voters – the LibDems 15% – and the Greens 6%.  19% said that they would prefer a coalition of two or more parties.

PS Andrew Lansley has written to The Telegraph defending his response to the NHS debt crisis (after some criticism from the newspaper’s leader-writers last week).