Support for David Cameron’s Built To Last Statements was overwhelming in the March ConservativeHome survey.  An average of 86% of respondents thought that eight Built To Last statements should "definitely" or "maybe" be included in the next Tory manifesto.

ConservativeHome believes that the proposed ballot of all members on Built To Last should be scrapped.  A ballot would be a waste of valuable Tory funds.  Scarce money would be better being spent on campaigning for next month’s elections or on Francis Maude’s exciting idea of holding an open primary election for the Tory candidate for London Mayor.

The only profitable use of any ballot would be if it tested Built To Last against alternative statements.  ConservativeHome found that alternative statements that (1) emphasised tax cuts over stability; (2) help for strivers over basing every policy on the needs of the very poorest; and (3) a greater emphasis on anti-corruption measures in development expenditure, enjoyed more support amongst Tory members.   These findings will be unpacked further next week.

The survey found that 78% of members were satisfied with David Cameron compared to 82% in January.  A 20% dissatisfaction number was 4% higher than in January.

The most regular readers of ConservativeHome were the most enthusiastic supporters of David Cameron.  32% of those who said that they visit the site "most days" said that they were "very satisfied".  That compares to 28% of those who visit a few times a week, 27% who visit a few times a month, and 22% who never visit (shame on them!).  Overall 35% of the people who completed the survey visit ConservativeHome most days or a few times a week.

69% of all members thought it likely that David Cameron would be Prime Minister after the next election compared to 77% in January.  26% thought it unlikely – compared to 17% in January.

satisfaction ratings for top ten shadow cabinet ministers are shown in the graphic on the right.  Click on the graphic to enlarge.  William Hague and David Davis continue to be the most popular members of David Cameron’s team.  George Osborne’s decline accelerated over the last month despite the opportunities afforded by the Budget.   Also down despite major news coverage of his portfolio is Andrew Lansley.  His net satisfaction rating has shrunk to 26%.  Theresa May’s rating is inexplicably the most volatile in the series.  After a big jump last month she now joins Francis Maude at the bottom of the table, on 22%.

1,379 Tory members completed the survey over 30 March to 2nd April.  1,316 Tory Members took part in the February survey compared to 1,351 in January.

8.50am update: The ConservativeHome poll is covered in today’s Independent and Telegraph.  It’s also on and was on BBCi yesterday.